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Will the 2020s really become the next roaring twenties?

The year 2020 will be remembered for centuries, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has impacted badly impacted the world. The world was under lockdown; around 22 lakh people had died because of this pandemic. A lot of people lost their job, life; the world had faced an economic crisis. Despite these challenges, there are several opportunities that could also be created.  A lot of the vaccines have been developed and vaccinated as well. So,  it is believed that everything will be ok soon, and ‘The roaring twenties’ will came again. 

What is ‘The Roaring Twenties’?

Have you ever heard about the phrase ‘The roaring twenties’ if no, then read the full article? ‘The roaring twenties’ which is also known as the Jazz Age is the decade of the 1920s that performed economic prosperity and carefree living of many people. This decade had started with the roar and crashed at the end.

This decade came after the pandemics like plague, influenza and after the end of world war as well. This was a decade of change, at this time many started to own cars, radios, and telephones for the very first time. Prosperity rises in the cities and towns and social change takes place, the wages of the workers increased.  Growth of industries looked up, this decade is also very important for woman empowerment, a new style of music known as jazz came, and American Indians are able to get American citizenship. 

As from the beginning’s reference of this article, this decade shows the worst time also in which a revival of white supremacist group known as Ku Klux Klan (KKK) hap. They are targeting Catholics, blacks, and Jews through their terrorism. On Tuesday, October 1929, the stock market got crashed and triggered ‘The great depression’ which was the worst economic collapse of the modern industrialized world.

This decade witnessed change and growth, and failure.

 Could the 2020s become the next ‘Roaring twenties’?

Following the 1920s the decade of 2020s also started just after a pandemic COVID-19 came. The world had witnessed several things like global economic recession, many countries faced negative GDP growth, conflicts between different nations rises like a trade war between America and China, Warlike situation rises between America and Iraq, Conflicts between India and China, the theory of making a connection with Aliens developed. 

The beginning of this decade will start from the Vaccination against COVID-19. Many countries are developed and many are developing 5G network which we could call a positive start.

We saw several opportunities in the situation of COVID-19  like Online education, Work from home. The several things which would rise in this decade are more development in online education, digitalization, affordable electronic vehicles, health facilities, More dependency on Artificial intelligence. Many experts are assuming that the world will see huge economic growth in the upcoming 10 years which is a positive sign.

It seems after seeing the beginning of this era that there is a huge chance for the 2020s to become ‘The Roaring Twenties’ but if we compare this from the 1920s first 5 years will be slower than the 20s.

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